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Only You Can Help NASA Improve Their Website Through a Game, Like Last Starfighter but With Web Surfing

So more "pointing and clicking" and less "shooting and universe saving."


If you’re great at the Internet but not exactly a proficient coder, NASA has a way for you to put your skills to good use and improve their website. This is it, nerds: all your endless hours of clicking Internet links and navigating pages can now be justified as you help mankind’s quest for space knowledge.

It’s pretty easy for you to participate, too. Just head over to NASA’s page about the navigation shift, cleverly titled, “Changing the site nav: it’s not (for) us, it’s (for) you,” and pick either option A or option B. Then, you’ll be presented with a test that asks you to put your clicking finger to the test and indicate where you’d expect certain information to fall in the site’s navigation categories.

According to NASA’s blog, they conducted a navigation study on the site and found that users still find it more confusing than the developers intend it to be, which is probably “not confusing at all.”

So, go ahead and see whether or not you’ve got the skills that NASA is looking for. They claim there are no right or wrong answers, but we all know this is just a test to find the finest Internet surfers for universe-saving purposes.

(NASA via Twitter, image via NASA)

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