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Bored With March Madness? Try The Name Of The Year Bracket

Maybe your NCAA Tournament bracket is shot after Kansas’ stunning second-round loss. Maybe you weren’t into March Madness in the first place. Or maybe you just need some unbelievable (but real) names in NCAA-style bracket form to keep you occupied in between tournament games. In any case, the real bracket to get excited about is here. That’s right – Name of the Year (NOTY) is back with the latest installment in its annual quest to bring you some of the wildest names imaginable, and giving you the power to vote on the best of the bunch. The bracket is here. You will look up many of these names in amazement, and you will discover, to even more amazement, that yes: they are real.

If you haven’t looked at the bracket yet – what are you waiting for? But just trust us when we tell you it is a goldmine of pure naming bliss. According to the Name of the Year blog, the contest began in 1983 at an unnamed Ivy League school. It has since evolved into a group of three friends taking submissions from readers around the Internet, distilling the list to the 64 wildest entries, and placing them in a bracket nearly identical to that of the NCAA basketball tournament. Four “regions,” 16 names per region, and one mind-blowing name crowned the champion of weirdness. Past winners include last year’s champion Barkevious Mingo, Godfrey Sithole, Excellent Raymond, and the legendary Assumption Bulltron.

For a more detailed breakdown of the 2010 Name of the Year tournament, read more at Mediaite.

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