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My Hero Academia Post Credits Scene Explained

uh oh more plot

Post credits scene incoming!!!!

It’s almost like everybody had a post-credits scene these days, including anime like My Hero Academia. Thanks, Marvel. I mean those guys literally wrote the book on it. Now they’ve got MID-CREDITS scenes too. Honestly, we should just start calling movies a “before credits scene” with the way things are going. Post-credits scenes are just IN VOGUE. I’m even planning one for my FUNERAL where a bizarre electrical machine will reanimate my muscles and make my corpse flail around like if you poured soy sauce on a dead octopus. Yes it’s a thing, look it up.

All right so the ending of Season 5 of My Hero Academia went a little something like this: BOOM BIFF SOCK WHACK EXPLOSION “I’ll never give up!!!” FALCON PUUUUUUUUUUNCH!!!!!! Nah I’m just kidding. It actually ended with a pretty sweet party for all the U.A. kids. They just vibed. We also learned that the bad guys are getting even badder. We find out that local spooky dude Dr. Ujiko is actually secretly a benefactor of the Paranormal Liberation Front and is trying to make the resident bad guy Tomura even more powerful. So what happens after the credits?

Well after a seriously chill-ass party, the U.A. kids receive invitations for a work-study program that’s gonna happen around spring break. They’ve got to leave the city to meet with the hero agency that represents the hero Endeavor to do it. But honestly, it’s all probably a LIEEEEEEEE.

But a good lie. Some seriously messed up stuff is about to happen (i.e. Tomura) and the pro-heroes are probably trying to get the U.A. kids out of the city so they can invade the hospital that houses the Paranormal Liberation Front and defeat Tomura without having to worry about Deku breaking every bone in his body in an effort to “help”.

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