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Remember That My Hero Academia Teaser We Thought Was a Movie? It’s Actually a Movie!

All for one, and one for all!

Hey y’all, remember when I lost my shit over those three My Hero Academia tweets that, when their powers combined, made this image? I, along with the rest of the fandom, wondered whether or not the whole “three” thing meant another movie, and if it did, what the Detroit Smash it would even be about. What are these outfits? What does three musketeers mean? Is there already fic and cosplay out there?

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Well, it’s official now!

Yep, we’re getting a third movie next summer with a lot of the staff who worked on the previous two movies (Two Heroes and Heroes Rising) AND the anime series returning to work on this next film. This includes director Kenji Nagasaki, scriptwriter Yousuke Kuroda, composer Yuki Hayashi, and character designer Yoshihiko Umakoshi. Oh, and of course, the main man himself, Kohei Horikoshi, will be on board as chief supervisor and original character designer.

I’m not sure what the staff is gonna do to top that intense fight against Nine from the last movie. It definitely felt like a final battle to me, so it’s hard to imagine where we go from here movie-wise. It should be noted (kinda hilariously) that Horikoshi, at one point, said that the second movie would be the last one. According to a comment he made in the latest volume of Shonen Jump, he’s well aware of what he said and, well, things change right?

Horikoshi … you don’t gotta sleep upside down … I mean I guess if you want to that’s fine.

Even if anime movies often deviate from the plot, there are still some parts that can work with the series itself. Such was the case with Heroes Rising, which had hints toward the manga if you knew what to look for. With the 5th season of My Hero Academia hitting Spring 2021 and the movie officially hitting Summer 2021, I wonder if elements from the anime will make their way into the movie, or even manga plot threads which are, oof, deeeeefinitely interesting right now. Prayer circle for … um… everyone, I guess? Everyone’s gonna be around for the third movie… right?!

Looks like 2021 is gonna be a Plus Ultra year! Are you excited for the movie? What do you think it’s going to be about?

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