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20 of My Favorite Sonic the Hedgehog Vocal Tracks That Will Be Sure to Open Your Heart

Can't hold out much longer...

Modern and Classic Sonic

Yesterday, Sonic the Hedgehog turned 30 years old.

Released back in 1991, the blue blur has always held a sort of cool older brother vibe to me, mostly because my stepbrother had the Sega Genesis, so the only way I got to play Sonic was if he let me. Sonic introduced me to high-speed gameplay, difficult bosses that spared no rings, and, out of all things, catchy as all hell game music. I, of course, loved the classic tunes from Nintendo, but Sonic has always done it for me when it came to soundtracks.

Especially when it came to vocal songs.

When I think about the first time I played Sonic Adventure I immediately remember Crush 40. I didn’t know the band’s name at the time, but I do know that Sonic Adventure was a game whose opening I’d let loop just so I could hear that snippet of “Open Your Heart” again and again. When I saw the band perform during the Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony I felt like I’d gone back to 1998 to face off against Perfect Chaos – assuming my poor Dreamcast could handle it.

But it’s not just Crush 40 that’s gifted us with memorable vocal tracks, Sonic has had years of hits to run alongside him! So, I thought I’d share my favorites, after all, the music follows Sonic wherever he goes.

I’m limiting myself to vocal tracks because if I delve into stage music we’d be here all day.

  • The Sonic SatAM opening

No, it’s not a video game track.

Yes, it’s fine, because it’s still iconic to me.

Not every video game translates well to animation, but Sonic? And this cartoon in particular?


He’s the fastest thing aliiiiive!


  • “Look-a-like” – Sonic OVA 

Another track that isn’t part of a video game but is still very much an amazing song for the Sonic franchise.

This is a song I would listen to when I saw the preview to this OVA on a VHS tape to a different anime. I don’t even remember what anime it was, I just remember seeing the preview and hearing the song. I LOVED this song, and I still do.

Also, apparently, the full version of it was just uncovered last year!

  • “Sonic Boom” – Sonic CD 

Did I ever play Sonic CD?

No. I didn’t have a Sega CD.

Did I obsess over this opening and this song?

Yes. Yes, I did.

(also the Japanese/European release version is great too!)

  • “Super Sonic Racing” – Sonic R

Did I ever play Sonic R?

No. I didn’t have a Sega Saturn.

Did I obsess over this opening and this song?

Yes. Yes, I did.

(That’s the last time I get to say that for one of these songs I promise).

  • “Open Your Heart” – Sonic Adventure



And yes.

Especially when you get to fight Chaos as Super Sonic.

My teenage self was READY.

Hell, my adult self is ready RIGHT NOW.

  • “It Doesn’t Matter” – Sonic Adventure

Full disclosure, I thought these lyrics were pretty deep, and relevant, to the character back when I heard this song in the late 90s.

Sonic won’t give in.

Won’t cooooompromiiiiise!

  • “Unknown From M.E.” – Sonic Adventure

To this day when I address Knuckles, it’s always as, “Unlike Sonic he don’t chuckle, he’d rather flex his muscles.”

Honestly, this is probably my favorite Sonic Adventure track besides “Open Your Heart.”

  • “Live and Learn” – Sonic Adventure 2

When it comes to the Adventure series, I’m pretty sure I like the second one the best. Maybe? I’m actually not sure, but I definitely love its music, particularly the follow-up to “Open Your Heart.” Just like that song, you get to listen to “Live and Learn” in the middle of the final battle… IN SPACE!

  • “Escape From the City” – Sonic Adventure 2

The only thing cooler than fighting the final boss to epic music is starting the game with “Escape From the City” while boarding down the city streets.

One of the best starts to a Sonic game by far.

  • “E.G.G.M.A.N.” – Sonic Adventure 2

We’re not just celebrating 30 years of Sonic, we got 30 years of Eggman too.

  • “A Ghost’s Pumpkin Soup” – Sonic Adventure 2

Yes, it can take an unreasonable amount of time to find emerald fragments with Knuckles, but with this being the theme for Pumpkin Hill I didn’t mind.

Knuckles just comes in with bops all the time.

  • “Sonic Heroes” – Sonic Heroes

Time to enter into the PS2 era of Sonic, and look, he’s brought two friends along for the ride!

  • “I Am (All of Me)” – Shadow the Hedgehog

This is probably one of the most infamous openings to a Sonic universe game, if not THE most infamous.

Yes, I thought the UBER EDGE was a lot, but damn I loved the music.

Now, where’s that DAMN fourth chaos emerald?!

  • “All Hail Shadow” – Shadow the Hedgehog

Obliterating everything that’s not your friend.

Chef. Kisses.

  • “His World” – Sonic 06

This game?


I don’t need to say anything about this game, but again, as always, the music slaps. They even knew to use it in Super Smash Bros when Sonic joined the roster.

  • “Dreams of an Absolution” – Sonic 06

Though honestly, this version here is my favorite:

  • “Endless Possibility” – Sonic Unleashed

Filed under “trailers I saw and went HUH over.” I’m sure no one will ever forget that werehog period in Sonic’s career, but we’ll also never forget the music.

  • “Knight of the Wind” – Sonic and the Black Knight

I can’t remember anything about this game but I most definitely replay this song every now and then.

  • “Free” – Sonic Free Riders

Why, oh why, did you have to be a Kinect game?

  • “Reach for the Stars” – Sonic Colors 

I was recently reminded about this game and this song when they hosted the first Sonic Central event this year and announced Sonic Colors Ultimate and its animated tie-in Rise of the Wisps. It’s just such a fun song that perfectly sets the tone of the game.

Music is such an integral part of the Sonic universe and I can’t wait to see what other songs we have coming our way as they work on whatever’s going on with that 2022 game. What have been some of your favorite vocal tracks throughout Sonic’s 30-year tenure?

(Image: Sega/Sonic Team)

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