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MultiVersus Lets Ultra Instinct Shaggy Use a Sandwich as a Projectile Weapon Against Superman, the Way Nature Intended

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We’re getting a Warner Smash Bros. game.

And I know I should be rolling my eyes over yet another Smash Bros. clone or whatever, but listen.

You can fight with Shaggy.

And Shaggy kicks ass.

This is the best gif I’ve seen all year. Like. It’s hard for me to be cynical about this game when the developers are in on the Ultra Instinct Shaggy meme to the point of letting him power up like he’s right at home with the Saiyans.

What is MultiVersus and why is Arya Stark fighting Tom and Jerry?

Perhaps inspired by all of the Warner Bros. worlds in Space Jam: A New Legacy, MultiVersus is a free-to-play crossover platform fighter that pits classic Warner Bros. characters against each other. While you can have absolute free-for-all battles where it’s every rascally rabbit for themselves, there is an emphasis on playing in teams of two. This means you can create expected pairings for matches (Garnet and Steven), but why do that when you can have Arya Stark team up with Bugs Bunny and go on a quest to end Jake the Dog?

Let’s be honest. You play games like this for the wacky crossover material. I give it 24 hours before we see fanart of Steven and Wonder Woman examining each other’s shields and complementing them.

Customizations will also be available for the characters, along with cross-play support and the ability to invite who you want to play against (or with, since you can do team-ups). Players also have the ability to create their own guilds and challenge others, which means there will be leaderboards that I, for one, will never make it onto.

Since the game will rely heavily on online play, there will be dedicated servers right from the start. “Remember the last time you disconnected from a match? What about lag affecting your inputs? Us too,” says Tony Huynh, the game developer and co-founder of Player First Games. “We’ve invested a lot into making the most responsive gameplay in addition to dedicated servers from day one for the life of the game.”

Get ready for a new challenger!

MultiVersus roster

Above you can see the starting lineup in MultiVersus, which includes a strong list of Warner Bros. favorites along with an adorable newcomer who I immediately need a plush of, “Reindog.”

Huynh revealed that a lot of the cast features their original voice actors. “Our roster has some of the most recognizable characters, so bringing them to life with as close to 1-to-1 representation as possible through visuals, their worlds, the music, and more is important to us,” Huynh said. “That’s why iconic voice talents power many of our characters.”

So yes, that is, in fact, Kevin Conroy as Batman. Fans will also recognize other actors, like Tara Strong as Harley Quinn, Matthew Lillard as Shaggy, Maisie Williams as Arya, John DiMaggio as Jake the Dog, George Newbern as Superman, and Estelle as Garnet.

The thought of one of my favorite depictions of Batman of all time going head to head against Matthew Lillard’s Shaggy does something nice to my nostalgia brain. Add in characters from newer series like Steven Universe and Adventure Time and it really does feel like a clash between generations of entertainment.

I truly did think I’d look at this announcement and be exhausted with it, but I dunno, Scoob, with its voice work and its pleasant, cartoony art style, this might be worth a Scooby Snack or two.

MultiVersus is set to release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in 2022.

(Image: Warner Bros. Games/Player First Games)

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