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Tons Of MST3K Episodes Are Now On Vimeo – With More New (Old) Episodes Coming Soon!

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In “best news ever” news, Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s Satellite of Love has docked with Vimeo! Yes, literally right now, you can watch 80 different episodes of MST3K – and they’ve even got more classic episodes coming soon. Be still, my tiny, cynical heart!

If you head over to Vimeo On Demand, you’ll see the full list of MST3K episodes available for your viewing pleasure, including fan faves like “Gamera,” “Laserblast,” and “The Final Sacrifice.” You can rent an episode for $2.99, or you can buy an episode forever for $9.99. If you want the whole shebang, that’s going to run you about $300 – which still saves you about $500 and also gives you immediate download access to any new (old) episodes released, so it’s not all that bad (I guess?).

Apparently, Vimeo is working on clearing the rights to the other 118 episodes of MST3K and will make them available online as they are able – but they’re promising 12 more within the year. Digital distribution of the show has been a bit tricky, given that each episode features a full-length movie that also requires lawyering and rights and all that fancy jazz. Variety is reporting that you can also grab these 80 episodes on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu.

While I’m bummed that the episodes aren’t free to stream (nor are they available for those of us outside of the US, but that is easily remedied), if paying a few bucks means we get more MST3K, I’m all for it. Also, I really hope they release the Shorts, too – those are my absolute favorite. I’m a q-tip, what are you!

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