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Mrs. Mole: A Gift From a Caring Husband to a Recovering Wife

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When the wife of illustrator Ronald Searle was presented with a dire breast cancer diagnosis back in 1969, he wanted to do whatever he could to help her keep her spirits up while she underwent aggressive chemotherapy. As intimidating as chemotherapy is today, when Monica Searle was facing it, it was still a very experimental treatment, and to pursue it took a huge leap of faith. So, to ease her mind and take her mind off the riskiness, Ronald Searle created Les Tres Riches Heures de Mrs. Mole, or The Very Rich Hours of Mrs. Mole. After every session, the husband drew a new picture for his wife, “to cheer every dreaded chemotherapy session and evoke the blissful future ahead.” See more of them after the jump, but only if you really want your heart warmed.

Monica Searle survived breast cancer and passed away last summer. Ronald joined her right before the new year. On Mrs. Mole, he wrote:

Everything about them had to be romantic and perfect. I drew them originally for no one’s eyes except Mo’s, so she would look at them propped up against her bedside lamp and think: ‘When I’m better, everything will be beautiful.’

Here is more Mrs. Mole:

The Very Rich Hours of Mrs. Mole is available in hardcover at Amazon. Probably a lovely, sweet Mother’s Day gift, even if your mom doesn’t need cheering up!

(Brain Pickings via Neatorama)

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