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So Uh … the Mysterious Monolith Is in Romania Now?

collage of three images of a large metal monolith in the utah dessert

Uh … so, the monolith moved? Or there’s more than one? Last week, this giant monolith first appeared in Utah with no explanation, and then, just as suddenly as it appeared, it vanished again, only to now show up on a hillside in Romania? While many are saying that aliens are behind it (and I made the joke that it is vampires), I think I have it figured out: General Zod is here. So … aliens.

According to Vice, the monolith appeared a few feet away from the site of an ancient fortress in Romania, so … to make this even scarier. The thing is: This thing is vanishing, and no one knows what it is. The original monolith appeared in Utah, and while no one knew what to make of the 10-foot obelisk, it was gone before we could explore it more heavily—only to now appear in Romania.

Is this the same object? Is it completely different? The Utah monolith has been theorized to be a sculpture by John McCracken, who wanted to leave art to be discovered in remote places before his death, but that’s unconfirmed, and Vice mentions that the Utah monolith appears to have been installed in 2015–2016, based on Google Earth imagery, while McCracken died in 2011. There are REDDIT posts talking about the monolith and what is happening with it. But let me go back to General Zod.

Remember in the Christopher Reeve movie when Zod’s cell was a glass-looking piece? Could be the monolith! I’m just saying.

General Zod cell

(Warner Bros.)

Could this mean that Superman is close behind? Honestly, it’s probably some weird art installation that people thought would be a great addition to 2020, but the fact that this mysterious monolith moved(?) from UTAH to ROMANIA is … a choice. If this is an art piece, or pieces, why those places? Yes, McCraken wanted his work in remote locations, but did he specifically want it to constantly move and be a confusing thing for everyone involved?

There are just so many questions about the monoliths, and with the rest of the world falling apart, it feels like the mysterious nature of this is just a step too far, and we’re all shrugging it off. Still, no one has taken credit for the monoliths, and like … that, to me, points to aliens. They don’t want to just instantly be like, “Yeah, guys, it’s us. Sorry, we tried to pretend it was an art installation.”

Will we ever know the truth behind this? I don’t know. Maybe we’ll see little green guys installing it one night by accident. If not, and this is an art installation, congrats on making me care, but I hate you because I am CONVINCED this is how we know there are aliens out there.

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