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Blind, Disabled Biker Sets New Record for Motorcycle Speed

Because those of us focused on world records involving food needed more reason to hate ourselves.


There’s something seriously badass about biking. Beyond the whole Hell’s-Angels-are-visually-terrifying-thing, and the every-action-hero-looks-cooler-on-a-motor-cycle-thing, there’s that whole it’s-really-easy-to-die-thing. Yet blind, disabled biker Stuart Gunn just gave caution the finger by setting the new world record at 167.1 mph.

Let’s be really clear: Gunn is basically Daredevil, with a little help from his father, Geoff. The pair ride together and Geoff cheerfully informs him if he’s drifting or should brake, because every father’s reaction to their blind, partially paralyzed son is to help him beat world records for speed with little more than some padding and a helmet between their fragile body and bone-breaking pavement.

All Gunn has said on the matter is:

I hope this proves to people that just because you are blind or have a disability, doesn’t mean it should change or limit your life. I have ridden for years with my dad and so it worked really well.

Yep, that would totally be my reaction in his shoes.

While Gunn was not blinded with radioactive material, nor has he as of yet suggested that he has any sort of super-senses elsewhere, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say his latest accomplishment deserves some serious recognition. And should a few high-profile bad guys from the UK find themselves suddenly brought into custody via walking-stick and cable, well, I’m not saying it was Gunn, but it was totally Gunn.

(via Metro via UberGizmo, image via Brian Gaid)

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