The cast of the anime series 'Spy x Family.' (l-r): Yor Briar (woman with long dark hair), Anya (young girl with a pink bob and bangs wearing a school uniform), and Loid (man with short blond hair wearing a 3-piece suit) are standing at a railing (Anya is sitting on the railing) looking out at something.

The Most Anticipated Anime of Fall 2023

Spooky season ain’t the only thing to get excited about.

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It doesn’t take a girl math genius to figure out that there’s more to fall than pumpkin spice and live-action comfort films. The autumn winds are blowing, and on them are new anime, more numerous than the fallen leaves! Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop. I DEMAND that the fun keep going. I don’t want to have to wait around until Halloween when I can scare the neighborhood children to get my kicks. I want autumnal fun NOW. And these anime are gonna give it to me.

Attack on Titan: The Final Chapters Part 2

Mikasa falling through the air to attack a target in "Attack On Titan"

After 10 years, and 10 autumns with them, Attack on Titan is finally coming to an end. Attack on Titan: The Final Chapters Part 2 will give us the climatic and blood-soaked end to the Game of Thrones of anime. Jaeger has gone full bad guy and unleashed The Rumbling across the world. Thousands of Colossal Titans are stepping on cities like a child crunching autumn leaves. The entire human race will be destroyed unless Eren’s friends can stop him.

Castlevania: Nocturne

Richter Belmont looks over his shoulder in "Castlevania: Nocturne"

Castlevania: Nocturne is not the Castlevania season 5 that the internet asked for, but it’s the season 5 that the internet deserves. Set during the French Revolution, the plot will center around the young Richter Belmont, a distant descendant of Trevor Belmont and Sypha. While Trevor and Sypha are long dead, they live on in Richter’s explody-whip that was once wielded by his great x 30 grandfather! And who knows? Perhaps our favorite bisexual half-vamp Alucard will return. He is immortal, after all.

Dr. Stone: New World

Dr. Stone smirking confidently in "Dr. Stone"
(TMS Entertainment)

I intend to spend my autumn sitting around getting Dr. Stone-d and watching the third season of this series. In case you’ve never heard of Dr. Stone, allow me to elucidate you. In the future, humanity has been all but wiped out by a mysterious disease that has turned them all to stone. Lucky for the world, the world’s youngest Ph.D. has figured out how to unpetrify himself, and is now using the power of science to find a cure for the world!

Tokyo Revengers

A white haired youth smiles at the camera in the "Tokyo Revengers" Season 3 trailer
(Linden Films)

Tokyo Revengers is a series about a boy who is forced to relive the spookiest season of any person’s life—their high school years. After his friend is killed in a traffic accident caused by the notorious Tokyo Majin gang, our plucky protagonist travels back in time in order to stop the gang from ever forming in the first place. Will he succeed? He’s spent two seasons failing but, maybe the third season’s the charm?

Undead Unluck

Andy running and laughing while holding a terrified Fuuko in his arms in "Undead Unluck"
(TMS Entertainment)

Undead Unluck is a series about a sweet little girl whose unfortunate “unluck” ability causes her to kill anyone she has skin-to-skin contact with. Lucky for her, she meets a suicidal young man whose “undead” ability makes him totally unable to die! The pair decide to team up and join a mysterious organization made to fight God. Yes, God. Why? To end the world’s suffering! Any God that makes a little girl unable to touch her family without killing them is a total prick.


A young person stand s on a subway holding their phone while passengers look worriedly at their own in " KamiErabi"

KamiErabi sure sounds like a computer virus, and in a sense it is. This anime centers around a group of people engaging in a battle royale to see who will become God. Sounds a lot like Future Diary, no? But rather than a death battle waged with early 00s burner phones, this battle will be waged with hi-tech new smartphones with a mysterious battle app.


The hero Shy looks at the camera with one glowing eye in "Shy"
(Eight Bit)

in the universe of Shy, World War 3 was narrowly prevented by one thing—superpower children! The dawning of superpowers across the world caused humanity to enter into a new golden age of peace and prosperity. Now a socially awkward magical girl named Shy is taking up the superhero mantle, and just in time too! The world is being threatened by a group of evil magical children who wish the drag the human race back into its dark and violent past.

Spy x Family

The cast of the anime series 'Spy x Family.' (l-r): Yor Briar (woman with long dark hair), Anya (young girl with a pink bob and bangs wearing a school uniform), and Loid (man with short blond hair wearing a 3-piece suit) are standing at a railing (Anya is sitting on the railing) looking out at something.

Spy x Family stole all of our hearts with its depiction of the adorable Forger family, made up of an international super-spy dad, a deadly assassin mom, a mind-reading little girl, and a future-telling dog. Now The Forgers are returning for a glorious second season where they will be going on a cruise ship vacation! Well … it would be a vacation if the assassin/mom Yor Forger wasn’t contracted to protect a rich family onboard the boat from a team of elite killers.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Frieren and her friends drinking and laughing in a tavern in "Frieren Beyond Journey's End"

In Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, after the elf Frieren and her high fantasy friends defeated a powerful demon lord, she thought that life was going to be gravy. Sadly for her, life only got more confusing. Her elven immortality is a bit of a bummer, considering that she has to watch as all of her former comrades grow old and die. Frieren gets a new lease on life when she meets Fern, a young human who is thirsty to see the world. Frieren and Fern embark on a journey where she revisits the sites of her past adventurers, allowing her to form deeper connections with her dead friends.

The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You

A highschool boy in a suit blushes while making heart hands with two of his 100 girlfriends in "The 100 Girlfriends"
(Bibury Animation Studios)

The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You is the story of a young man who is cursed in love. Throughout his high school career, he has confessed his love to and been rejected by 100 different girls. After visiting a shrine and praying to the goddess of love for a girlfriend, the goddess visits him and tells him that there has been a divine mistake. Every human is guaranteed one soulmate, but he has been guaranteed ONE HUNDRED. THAT’S FAR TOO MANY SOULMATES. Essentially this series is about a polyamorous relationship on steroids.

(featured image: Crunchyroll)

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