Morai, the birdlike reincarnation of the Daughter from 'Star Wars Rebels'

Ahsoka and That Bird Go Way Back

That's no ordinary convor bird.

The Ahsoka season 1 finale is here and it leaves us with a few surprises for fans to theorize about. One surprise takes the form of a very familiar Star Wars bird. After being stranded on Peridea, Ahsoka Tano sees a white convor bird watching her. Viewers may not know it yet, but Ahsoka knows that bird and has a history with it that goes all the way back to the most experimental arc in The Clone Wars.

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Morai, a.k.a. the Daughter

The Daughter, a powerful Force Wielder and one of the Mortis Gods in The Clone Wars

The white convor is named Morai, and is the animal reincarnation of a Force user known as the Daughter.

The Daughter is one of a trio of beings—the Daughter, the Son, and the Father—collectively known as Mortis gods, that represent different aspects of the Force: the Daughter represents the light side, the Son symbolizes the dark side, and the Father embodies the balance between the two. All of them are incredibly powerful and are able to do things like turn them off lightsabers without touching the activation button and shapeshift into creatures; the Daughter herself seemed to prefer the form of a griffin-like creature.

The trio was introduced in The Mortis Trilogy in The Clone Wars, in which Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka Tano all became stranded on a planet that was a conduit in the Force, much like Yoda’s swamp on Dagobah. It was on this planet that the Father confirmed that Anakin Skywalker is the prophesied Chosen One.

Of course, this presented problems for Anakin as the Father expected him to stay on the planet in order to keep the Son and the Daughter in check. Anakin refused, not wanting to leave behind his life (and his secret wife).

Long story short, the Son kidnapped and later killed Ahsoka and tried to kill the Father, only for the Daughter to take the blow instead. While dying, the Daughter gave the last of her energy to restore Ahsoka’s life.

Morai the convor

At first, we thought that the Daughter, and Ahsoka’s near-death experience, was a one-off that would never be mentioned again. However, that appears to not be the case.

The first time we saw Morai was immediately before Ahsoka went to the Sith Planet of Malachor and faced Darth Vader. We then saw her watching Vader as he limped away after the duel. Fans thought it might be a normal convor. However, the World Between Worlds changed that perception.

When opening the World Between Worlds, Ezra Bridger discovers a mural of the Mortis Gods. Most notably, the Daughter has a convor on her shoulder, much like Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War. When Ezra finally makes it into the World Between Worlds, he is directed toward a specific portal thanks to Morai the Convor. He quickly realizes that the portal was to Ahsoka and Darth Vader’s duel on Malachor. Realizing that she is about to die, Ezra pulls Ahsoka through time and space and into the World Between Worlds.

After Ahsoka awakens and is given the basic recap, she greets Morai warmly, saying “I owe her my life.” From there, Ahsoka mentions that animal reincarnation, like Force Ghosts, is one way that the dead may influence the living, all but confirming that Morai is the animal reincarnation of the Daughter.

Morai later flies through the Malachor portal with Ahsoka, bringing the timeline full circle.

Since then, sightings of Morai have been few and far between. Darth Vader saw Morai after visiting the crash site of Ahsoka’s Star Destroyer in The Clone Wars finale (while this chronologically took place before the scenes in Rebels, The Clone Wars finale was released after the end of Rebels). Eagle-eyed viewers also noticed that there was a convor in the woods watching Din Djarin before he met Ahsoka Tano, indicating that Morai is still watching over the Not!Jedi.

Still, Ahsoka seeing Morai and Baylan Skoll finding massive statues of the Son and the Father appears to indicate that Star Wars is looking to explore more of the cosmic Force and Mortis in general—an exciting prospect, especially knowing the special connection Ahsoka has with Morai.

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