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This is What the Mona Lisa Looks Like in Pure CSS

Cascading style sheets, obviously, are pretty darn useful, and currently one of (if not) the best languages to use to style a webpage. When not being used to style a page, however, people like to see what they can build solely using CSS. From simple, geometrical houses, to — as it turns out — famous works of art, like the Mona Lisa.

Author Jay Salvat notes that the piece is totally pointless, and was simply a fun exercise. The Hacker News community responded by making jokes. One user notes that URLs work in CSS, and thus “recreated” the famous painting using CSS as well, though simply by using a URL. Though essentially “pointless,” since there wouldn’t really ever be a reason to have to recreate famous art solely using CSS, it’s still a fun self-imposed limit, and pretty impressive — albeit a little blurry — when you get right down to it.

(via Hacker News)

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