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MolyJam 2012 Yields Almost 300 Games, Some Still Rolling In

For fans of Peter Molyneux and Peter Molydeux alike, the recent “What Would Molydeux game jam was a dream come true. Over the course of 48 hours, hundreds of participants slaved away at delightfully bizarre interpretations of Molydeux’s lovingly parodic tweets. Now, finally, you can play some of these games, or all of them, but that might take a while. So far, there are 296 in total, and there are probably more to come. Better start now if you want to get through them all.

While the jam itself ran from March 30th to April 1st (local time) and all games were presumably completed in that time, organizing a proper archive has its own challenges. If you take a look at the collection over at the MolyJam website, you’ll see that the lion’s share of submissions came in on the 1st, but there are a few that trickled in afterwards. Hopefully we’ll get enough stragglers to break the big 300.

Each game in the archive is accompanied with a short description and, helpfully, the verbatim tweet it used for inspiration. Occasionally there is also a gameplay video and, of course, there is always a download for you to check out. It might take a while for you to work through this wealth of games, but from what little I’ve seen, they seem interesting and short enough that it’ll be worth the effort. Also, tellingly, the archive is labeled as MolyJam 2012. We can only hope this will become an annual affair.

Now, get playing! There are many strange things to be explored and enjoyed.

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