Mobius and his jet skis in Loki

Mobius Finally Had His Moment on ‘Loki’ and by God It Was Glorious

The moment we have all been waiting for finally has happened … sort of. After years (literally) of waiting for it, Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson) and his moment with a jet ski happened on Loki. Again, sort of, if you take the water element out of it and just use a wind machine.

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Spoilers for Loki season 2 episode 5, “Science/Fiction,” lie ahead.

From the start of Loki, we’ve known one thing about Mobius M. Mobius: He wants to ride a jet ski. He loves them. He’s obsessed with them. He’s just overly invested in them and wants nothing more than to live his best life with them. My own personal dream is that we see him ride off on one with Loki one day, but for now, seeing him trying to sell Loki one is pretty funny. When Loki (Tom Hiddleston) time slips out of the TVA and into the branched timelines of his friends, he finds Mobius as “Don,” a single dad trying to make a living selling jet skis. That means fake riding them to convince people to buy them.

Yes, Don really knows how to work a room. And a jet ski. Donius has a wind machine, he has Loverboy playing in the background, and if he could have Loki spraying him with a water bottle to really commit to the bit, I bet he would. Honestly, I’m surprised Donius D. Donius didn’t go out of his way to wear a bathing suit or put on the sunglasses he has hanging around his neck. Because yes, unfortunately, Donius does wear those sunglasses with the neck connector thing around them. He’s that kind of dude.

Now, we just have to get Mobius on the water

Mobius on a jet ski in Loki

Look, it isn’t a perfect moment. He’s not actually on the water, but Mobius (or Donius, if you wish) is having the time of his life trying to sell a jet ski to a man just trying to get some donuts for free at this store. Is Donius a good salesman? I don’t know, because the place where he works only has one guy who is there for some donuts, plus Loki. But he does have a really nice house, so he has made some sales in his past.

He’s also a single dad, so maybe that’s why he has to live his dream on a jet ski in the store, and doesn’t have the time or money to take the bad boy out onto the open ocean right now. If he follows his heart (Loki), though, he can maybe get that jet ski out onto the water and finally complete his mission. Until then, we at least got the Don man on a jet ski while “Working For the Weekend” was playing in the background—arguably one of the funniest things that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever done, when you think about it. And Don does recognize that “Mobius” is a pretty cool name, so he does need to know what it feels like to get out there on the ocean water.

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