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Missouri Wants To Be the Only State in the Country That Taxes Groceries but Not Guns

Missouri, are you alright?

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Missouri, are you alright? I’m asking because there is some concerning news coming out of your state right now, and it’s just very ill-thought-out. See, it’s being reported that your lawmakers are considering legislation that would not tax any firearms made in your state. If passed, this means Missouri—already one of only 13 states that tax food—would be the only state in the union that taxes groceries but not guns. Blink twice if you need the rest of the country’s help right now. Per The Kansas City Star:

The legislation, sponsored by state Sen. Rick Brattin, a Harrisonville Republican, would exempt sales of firearms and ammunition made in Missouri from all state and local sales taxes.

The Missouri Senate advanced a version of the bill last week that included an amendment that would have eliminated the state’s 1.225% sales tax on non-prepared food. But Missouri Senate Republicans this week employed a rare procedural move to strip the provision saying it would’ve been too expensive.

So, let’s get this straight. You have the flexibility in your budget to allow all those guns not to be taxed but getting rid of a sales tax on food, the thing literally everyone needs to live, is a bridge too far? Cool. Cool cool cool. Again, I ask you. Is everything alright in Missouri?!

So it sure looks like Missouri Republicans are prioritizing guns over groceries, and that’s what Democrats are saying, too! That’s because it’s true. Per the above source:

“When it came to cutting taxes, I would argue for single moms who are trying to make ends meet, at the grocery store, they said no. It just tells you where their priorities are,” Senate Minority Leader John Rizzo, an Independence Democrat, told The [Kansas City] Star. “Their priorities are not with families, their priorities are not with people, they’re with guns and corporations.”

What I don’t get is that people who are going to buy guns are most likely not going to get to the gun store, find the taxes cost-prohibitive, and then turn around. They will still buy their dumb guns. As a result, the state will still get its cut. Now, I’m no economist, but I’m also not a Republican lawmaker in Missouri, so I guess I’m qualified to explain this concept: taxes are a way to fund society. In American society, you need them. It’s a good idea to tax non-essential items because it lessens the likelihood of people going without essential items, like food.

Guns are a non-essential item because I did Google it, and the Oregon Trail really isn’t a thing anymore, so you don’t need to shoot bears or buffalo in order to survive. (Yes, the entirety of what I know of the Oregon Trail is based the video game. Don’t lie; that’s probably true for you, too.) How do I know guns are a non-essential item? The rest of the world goes largely without them, and they seem to be doing just fine. The rest of the world, however, does need food.

If this stupid “don’t tax our guns” amendment comes up for vote, Democrats are at least trying to make the most of it by tacking on their own amendments. From The Star:

An amendment by state Sen. Lauren Arthur, a Kansas City Democrat, would exempt diapers from sales taxes. And another amendment would exempt from sales taxes feminine hygiene products, including tampons, pads and liners.

If Brattin’s bill comes up for a vote in the future, the Senate will also consider an amendment by state Sen. Angela Moseley, a St. Louis Democrat, that would exempt sales taxes on groceries.

Whether this is just placating Dems (and people with common sense) in order to pass through very stupid legislation that will only hurt the state in the long run (again, you need taxes to fund society), time will tell. All I can say is, if you live in Missouri, please remember this BS when it comes time to vote. These gun-loving morons do not deserve to legislate for you, also, groceries are expensive enough already.

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