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Pride, Ennui, and Schadenfreude Are Some of the Missing Emotions of Pixar’s Inside Out


The Blu-ray/Digital HD release of Pixar’s Inside Out is tomorrow, and with it, the knowledge of which emotions ended up on the cutting room floor. Probably because most kids would have a hard time pronouncing “schadenfreude.” Unless they’re, you know, German kids.

In one of the special features on the Inside Out co-director Pete Docter talks about some of the emotions that may have joined Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust in Riley’s brain, including Pride, Hope, Schadenfreude (pleasure in the misfortune of others), and Ennui.

I guess they’re saving those for Riley’s teenage years?

In any case, there were originally twenty-six emotions before they got narrowed down to the basic five emotions we end up getting to know in the film. And that’s not the only change (for the better, IMHO) Docter talks about. He also talks about the fact that the emotions had human names for a long time – like Anger being Ira and Fear being Freddy:

We were very opposed to calling them by their emotion. We thought we were being very clever and not so on-the-nose. That ended up being more confusing than it was worth, so I was wrong on that one.


knowing is half the battle

(Image courtesy of Disney/Pixar)

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