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The Celebrity Crush “Missed Connection” Meme Is Giving Photoshop a Lot of Business

My personal favorite is the girl hugging the Harry Styles tree.

It all started when Twitter helped two friends get together. From there, Twitter user BeeBabs photoshopped herself with Michael B. Jordan, and the rest was history. (Well, history in the sense that it worked and she got a real picture with Michael B. Jordan, so now everyone is trying to have the same thing happen to them.)

So, naturally, we all started to make our own attempts at tricking fate into working for us.

Every fangirl is getting their dreams out there, striving towards their “missed connection.”

Some romances were so fleeting that they took private jets together.

But a hot commodity, unsurprisingly, seems to be Chris Evans.

Hopefully these two work it out, since they both seemed to have a summer fling with Captain America himself.

The fact that Harry Styles was a tree this summer just shows how multifaceted he is as a performer.

When he’s not killing zombies, Norman is running around town with ladies, breaking hearts.

Shawn Mendes, please reach out.

Now, who doesn’t want to have a fleeting romance with Jeff Goldblum? Only people who want to have a lasting romance with Jeff Goldblum.

He used to call her on her cell phone … until she changed her number.

Someone connect this man and the Hoff, STAT.

Maybe this guy should head to Philadelphia.

It might be hard feeling like you can’t find the one you love, but if you go to any McDonald’s in the world, you might be able to find Ronald again.

I heard he’s in Atlanta now …

How could you let a man like the Rock go? That’s one number you never want to lose.

He may not be our Senator from Texas, but he does represent our heart.

The biggest fight, though, wasn’t between Creed and Drago. Instead, it was between fans of Florian Munteanu.

And all out war.

Maybe just help us all out, get these connections back together.

Or just keep making these, at least.

(image: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

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