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Not Only Might the Minecraft Movie Be a Thing, It Might Also Be Live-Action

What's the point of non-pixelated pick axes?



We were confused and pleasantly surprised last night when Markus Persson of Mojang AB tweeted out that he was in talks to develop a Minecraft film. Now, Deadline has reported some extra details about the movie deal that make even less sense.

While we knew from Persson’s tweet that Warner Brothers, the studio that also recently brought us the similarly confusing-but-ultimately-worthwhile Lego Movie, was the driving force behind the deal, new information suggests that it will be produced by Vertigo Entertainment’s Roy Lee and Mean Girls producer Jill Messick. Oh yeah, and did we mention that Deadline seems to think the film will be live-action?

Ayup, you read that right: live-action Minecraft.

If this seems completely counter-intuitive to you, then you’re not alone. Part of the appeal of the game for its 100 million users is the ability to build and create anything in a fully open 3d world… that happens to be comprised entirely of pixelated cubes. So, how will that translate into our own world, which has un-Minecraftable elements like curves and spherical shapes and stuff?

Let’s also remember, of course, that it was Deadline who first “broke” the news of Lebron James’ Space Jam 2 involvement last week only to have it get completely debunked by James’ people not even 24 hours later (and as far as I know, they haven’t retracted the article, either). So, while Deadline is usually considered a fairly reputable source for entertainment news, stuff gets misconstrued and falsified all the time, and I think it’s safe to say that we should hold off worrying that this will be the official shark-jumping moment for Minecraft until we hear some more from Persson himself. And you never know. Maybe it’ll be… good?

(via Deadline, image via W1N9Zr0)

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