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New Details About Minecraft 1.8 from PAX

It’s been a rough few days for us Minecraft fans. While Notch, the game’s creator, has been living it up in Seattle at the PAX gaming convention, the rest of us had to look on full of green-eyed jealousy as he livestreamed footage from the latest unreleased version of the game and held totally awesome parties. However, some news about the impending 1.8 Adventure Update has started to trickle out.

Once implemented, Minecraft 1.8 will have two modes: Adventure and Creative. In Creative Mode, users can fly, do not take damage, and have access to every item in the game. Adventure Mode adds several new features to the game, including a new health system. Users will continue to automatically gain health (hearts) provided the newly introduced food bar has points in it. Eating food, which now includes chicken, replenishes the food bar and does away with the weird direct connection between food and hearts. Players can also look forward to improved particle and lighting effects throughout the game; charge-up attacks with a redesigned bow and arrows; torches that now give off light when carried; as well as new geographic features like NPC villages, dungeons, and rivers.

Without a doubt the biggest question was when players could expect to get their hands on the 1.8 update. Notch says that he’s currently planning on splitting the Adventure Update into two parts, 1.8 and 1.9 respectively. It’s not clear what features will be in which update, but the good news is that 1.8 will perhaps be coming within weeks. Once it’s done, of course.

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