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Mike Pence Refused to Wear a Face Mask at the Mayo Clinic and Yeah, EVERYONE Noticed


Mike Pence holds up a swab at the daily coronavirus briefing at the White House

Earlier today, Mike Pence visited the famed Mayo Clinic medical center and he stood out, probably more than he meant to.

Pence has been declining to wear a face covering in recent photo ops and this was no exception, despite the fact that everyone around him was wearing masks because it’s literally the Mayo Clinic’s policy. Their website reads, “Part of our protocol for ensuring your safety is to require all patients, visitors and staff to wear a face covering or mask while at Mayo Clinic to guard against transmission of COVID-19.”

And yet here was Pence today:

So it seems he didn’t get the memo about face masks. Except oh wait, he did! The Mayo Clinic tweeted and then VERY QUICKLY DELETED a message saying he knew exactly what he was doing.

If they were hoping no one would notice … sorry, no.

People are understandably angry about Pence’s disregard for medical protocol and human safety.

It’s not clear why Pence refuses to wear a mask. When Donald Trump announced the administration’s official face mask recommendation, Trump still said he probably wouldn’t wear one, citing some nonsense about how it would look strange to wear a face covering in the Oval Office. So it could be that he pressured Pence to follow his lead.

Although if Trump and Pence think that a face covering isn’t a look worthy of leadership, they are extremely mistaken. They just haven’t been doing it right.

Safety and leadership and fashion, it’s possible.

(image: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

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