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Microsoft Gives All Windows 10 Users the Finger

Microsoft tells us how they really feel.


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No, seriously. With Windows 10, Microsoft has gotten on board with the middle finger emoji, which other tech companies have been reluctant to do. So … now Windows users have the perfect way to express how they feel about the competition, at least.

Personally, in my long-passed time as a Windows user, I always felt that Microsoft was giving me the middle finger, so at least they’re being up front about it now. But I won’t lie; I’m a bit jealous. The middle finger emoji was added as standard by the Unicode Consortium in 2014, but widespread adoption has been slow—probably because of concerns over offending people, as though somehow not including an emoji means we no longer understand what a middle finger is.

But with the recent release of Windows 10 (you can find our review here), Microsoft has become the first tech giant to embrace it by including it within their operating system. We can only hope that others like Apple and Google’s Android follow suit soon, but Microsoft has it now, and we all know a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

(via Yahoo News)

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