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Microsoft Surface Has Much Less Free Space Than Advertised

Anyone who has gotten an SSD with the requisite smaller storage space currently inherent to the medium and installed Windows 7 on it knows damn well that Microsoft operating systems take up too much space. When Microsoft released their new tablet, the Surface, people were thrilled that the base model started with 32 GB of free space. Unfortunately, due to the pre-installed software on the device, the 32 GB storage size is more like 16 GB.

Microsoft also notes that the 64 GB version of Surface ends up with 46 GB of free space.

Now, unlike certain Apple products, the Surface does have a memory expansion slot, which allows up to an extra 64 GB of space, so all is not lost if you just bought a 32 GB Surface but have 20 GB of video files saved up for a plane trip. The tablet also has cloud storage SkyDrive access, as well as the ability to receive a USB flash drive or connect to an external hard drive, though the latter somewhat defeats the purpose of a portable tablet.

So, not really a deal-breaker, especially if you’re used to Windows gobbling up your precious SSD space, but if you were expecting 32 GB of free space, you should pony up for the 64 GB model.

(Microsoft via The Next Web)

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