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Microsoft Surface “2” Announced at CES 2011

Microsoft Surface, basically a neat multi-touch table-computer, was always this mythical thing that was very cool when shown off, but always too expensive for the general public. This year at the Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung announced the SUR40 with Microsoft Surface, basically Microsoft Surface 2, an upgraded, slightly-less-expensive-but-still-completely-unaffordable iteration of the device.

The SUR40 comes equipped with pedestals and mounts in order to maneuver and position the 40-inch, 4-inch-thick, 1080p screen and make it less of Microsoft Surface 2 and more of Microsoft Computer Monitor 2. The device sports a 2.9 AMD Athlon II X2 processor and a Radeon HD 6700M graphics card, runs Windows 7, and has Windows Phone 7 support. The SUR40 also employs the use of Gorilla Glass, a type of glass that can withstand more abuse than regular glass.

The SUR40 costs a cool (uncool) $7,600 at the moment, which is hilariously cheaper than the $12,500 original.

We all know what Microsoft Surface is really for, though: Real-time strategy games. It’s just a shame the user base that would gain the most joy out of the device pretty much can’t afford it.

(via Engadget and The Next Web)

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