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Michelle Wolf Delivers a Spectacular Patriotic Salute to Abortions on The Break

In light of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announcing his retirement and the very real possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned, Michelle Wolf had a segment on The Break yesterday where the host talked about the necessity of accessible and legal abortion, ending with a stars-and-stripes salute to abortion and a woman’s right to choose.

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“I know some people call themselves pro-life,” says Wolf, “but pro-life is a propaganda term that isn’t real, like healthy ice-cream and healthy testicles. Get the terminology straight: first of all, these people are anti-abortion which means they’re anti-woman. If these people were actually pro-life, they’d be fighting hard for health care, child care, education, gun control, and protecting the environment. But these anti-abortion people do not care about life, they just care about birth.”

The host goes on to talk about the stigma around abortion, the “Abortion on demand” slogan during the women’s rights movement, and the fact that men don’t want women to control even a small bit of Star Wars, let alone their bodies. “Men, I’m sorry”, says Wolf in the middle of her monologue. “I’m sure this brings up a lot of feelings and thoughts and points that you wanna make and I just want you to know—that’s very irrelevant.”

The host also reminds everyone that abortion have always been an option for those with money, saying “And to be clear, this abortion fight isn’t for me: I have money. I’ll always be able to get an abortion.” (Reminiscent of my favorite joke from her WHCD appearance: “I know a lot of you are very anti-abortion, unless it’s the one you got for your secret mistress. It’s fun how values can waver.”)

She ends her “Salute to Abortion”, accompanied by patriotic marching band and confetti, by exclaiming “Women, don’t forget! You have the power to give life and men will try to control that. Don’t let them! God bless abortions, and God bless America!”

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