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Michael Keaton’s Batsuit Is Back in The Flash Director’s Instagram Post


Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne

Finally, our time has come. After waiting since 1992 to see more of Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne, we don’t have to wait that much longer. And with his original Batsuit in tow!

The Keaton is BACK baby! We knew that Michael Keaton was joining Andy Muschietti’s The Flash movie as the Bruce Wayne we’d come to love from the 1989 movie. And now, we got a fun look at the classic Batsuit! Muschietti took to Instagram to share a picture of the black bat symbol with the iconic yellow backing.

What’s interesting though is that there is … jelly? Blood? Bean juice? Some kind of liquid on the bat symbol which either means that Michael Keaton loves a jelly sandwich or we should maybe be worried. I’m going to go with jelly, just for my wellbeing.


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Now, few things delight me the way that Michael Keaton in … basically anything does. Keaton is one of the few reasons I proudly say I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (he’s from Heritage Valley). Keaton has, for the better part of his career, been someone who (as the teens say) always understood the assignment. Whenever you’re watching his work, you’re captivated by the character he’s portraying even when they’re not that important to the story. That’s just the magnetism that Keaton has, and that extended beautifully into his portrayal of Bruce Wayne.

I am very loud about the fact that I don’t think that any of the live-action Batman are actually the “world’s greatest” detective, which seems to be a problem seeing as that’s a key part of who Batman is. But Keaton’s Bruce was the closest for me, and also the Gotham I most wanted to explore. (Joel Schumacher’s campy aesthetic is up there too.)

So getting to go back and see Keaton in the cowl again is going to be extremely emotional. He was only Bruce Wayne for Tim Burton’s versions (just Batman and Batman Returns), but it left an everlasting mark on my Batman-loving heart. So for him to return for Andy Muschietti’s The FlashWe can all scream together.

What we know about the movie is that Ben Affleck’s Batman will play a part in Barry’s storyline, but Keaton’s Batman is also playing an important role. We know they’re probably going to deal with the Flashpoint storyline where Barry goes back in time and stops his mother from dying, then shifting reality as we all know it. So maybe Keaton’s Bruce will play into that, but whatever ends up happening, having Keaton back in the cowl is going to be worth it—especially with the 1989 suit.

Does this mean that he’s going to die or that he’s just eating a jelly donut? Who knows? But I’m here for whatever Andy Muschietti’s The Flash has in store for me and Michael Keaton.

(via, image: Warner Bros.)

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