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Michael B. Jordan Is a Huge Anime Nerd in Case You Needed More Reasons to Love Him

Black Panther introduced the Erik Killmonger, possibly the most compelling villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s no surprise then that audiences fell in love with Michael B. Jordan for his charisma, good looks—and it turns out—his absolute nerdiness.

From his WIRED segment where he answered all his questions thoroughly with long reflections on Wolverine to the super nerdy reference hidden in his Killmonger costume, the internet quickly went back to older videos and tweets to uncover Jordan’s not-so-secret love of anime.

His fandoms go all the way back to 2011, when he was trying to find out what was happening in the latest Shounen Jump:

There was also that time he tried his best to be all about the ladies, but couldn’t keep his nerd from showing:

Oh, there was another time he was on Vogue‘s “73 Questions” and said he’d love to go to Tokyo, Japan if he ever had the chance (3:36 in the video if you want to skip to the moment):

This man just really loves anime y’all:

Now, Jordan’s not embarrassed at all about his love of anime and manga, and why should he be? That’s why when someone tweeted about it, he responded like so:

Oh, and while gatekeeping people for only watching “basic” or “mainstream” anime is silly and unnecessary don’t try and come for Jordan’s anime credentials either:

A bonus: Chrissy Teigen’s response to the tweeter Who Was Bitter Because He Thought That Women Don’t Like Men Who Like Anime:

Anyway, we’ll be here if Michael B. Jordan ever wants to watch My Hero Academia, chat about the different Naruto arcs, or share his opinions on the adaptation of anime into live-action films. (Call me, Michael!)

(image: Marvel Studios/Disney)

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