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Boing Boing Scoops Music Mags on New MGMT Cover Art

Chalk one up for the geeks: while countless music magazines out there would have done anything to get their grubby paws on the cover art for electro-indie band MGMT’s upcoming album, Congratulations, they were beaten to the punch — by geeky curiosity blog Boing Boing.

The cover was painted by Trinidad and Tobago-born artist and cartoonist Anthony Ausgang, who told Boing Boing that the band was a pleasure to work with: “A lot of people who commission a painting only know what they don’t want; fortunately MGMT knew what they wanted and let me do it my way.”

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Click to see a slightly larger version.

To see more of Ausgang’s artwork, be sure to check out his website.

(image via Boing Boing. h/t Hipster Runoff)

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