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Metroid: Other M Trailer: Beyond First-Person Shooterland

I’ll be the first to say that I’m not into the pointless FPS-ification of the beloved side-scrollers of our past, which is why Metroid Prime just always seemed kinda off to me, despite a lot of people liking it. Maybe the memory of reading Nintendo Power‘s mini-guide to Super Metroid and grappling with the then-awesome 16-bit boss fights would’ve made me impossible to please either way, but it just felt gimmicky to try to cram the old, established mythology into yet another first-person shooter shell.

Which is why the newly-released Metroid: Other M teaser trailer, with snippets of gameplay footage, is such a breath of fresh air:

Yes, there’s first-person, but there’s also third-person 3D, and — Hallelujah! — what looks like some nifty platforming. And it all looks great to boot.

(GameTrailers via Topless Robot)

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