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Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham Set To Join Forces In Spy Comedy Susan Cooper


Watch carefully. I’m about to progressively add words to a statement. Every time I do this, the awesomeness of said statement will increase.

Melissa McCarthy.
Melissa McCarthy in a movie.
Melissa McCarthy in a spy movie.
Melissa McCarthy as the leading role in a spy movie.
Melissa McCarthy as the leading role in a spy movie, with Jason Statham as her co-star.

Yes, director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat) is moving forward with Susan Cooper, a female-led James Bond-inspired parody. Given that The Heat made me laugh so hard that I had to pause the movie, I take this as very welcome news. From Variety:

After flirting with the project last fall, Jason Statham is ready to team up with Melissa McCarthy as an unlikely spy duo in 20th Century Fox’s “Susan Cooper.”

Reports in October indicated that Statham had met with director Paul Feig but the actor was uncommitted as he was still weighing other options. Sources now confirm Statham has agreed to co-star in the project and that a deal should be made shortly.

In the comedy that reteams McCarthy and Feig yet again (“The Heat,” “Bridesmaids”), the story follows the adventures of an unlikely spy, Susan Cooper. Statham will play another spy McCarthy teams up with.

According to IMDB, the movie’s been slated for a Memorial Day weekend release in 2015. In the film industry, that’s one of the biggest money-making weekends of the year. It seems 20th Century Fox is confident about Susan Cooper, and they’ve got good reason to be. McCarthy has been on fire as of late, killing it at the box office and garnering mainstream appeal. Being given a role like this, with a big-name, stubble-chinned action star like Statham along for the ride, speaks volumes about her professional chops.

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