Supergirl‘s Melissa Benoist Shows Off Her Real-Life Superpower

She's the Girl of... Sport Stacking?

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Full disclaimer: I stan hard for Melissa Benoist. It’s kind of terrible because I didn’t always know how great she was–I stopped watching Glee long before she joined the show, so I wasn’t all that familiar with her until she became Kara Zor-El herself on Supergirl. But once that casting news was announced, I pretty much devoured every single interview she gave right up until the first episode aired–and it’s safe to say that I adore her. (Just watch her try to take MTV’s puppy challenge and fail the same way every single one of us would fail if we were swarmed by puppies. Do you not fall in love?)

Benoist was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night, and rather than ask the actress what superpower she would most like to have if she could, Fallon decided to have Benoist show off her real-life superpower instead!

Turns out there’s actually a thing called cup-stacking, which Benoist says she spent several hours in P.E. perfecting when she was still in school. (I don’t know about you, but they never had a unit on this when I was a youngin’.)

It might be a particularly random skill to have, but it’s also pretty impressive. Check out the Supergirl star (and cup-stacking champ!) in the video below:

Aside from all that, there’s only four more episodes left before we get to the end of season one of Supergirl! Can CBS just officially renew this show already?!

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