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Melania Trump Mocked for Building Tennis Court During Coronavirus Outbreak

The score is zero-love for Melania.

First Lady Melania Trump

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Melania Trump, First Lady and America’s own Marie Antoinette, has done it again. Trump has been widely criticized for tweeting about the new tennis pavilion she is building beside the White House. The First Lady appears in a hard hat, overlooking blueprints for the court.

The tweet was quickly mocked for Melania’s apparent indifference to the global coronavirus outbreak, but honestly what did we expect from the same woman who wore the infamous “I really don’t care, do u?” jacket to visit children in detention centers.

Despite her halfhearted demands that we “be best”, Melania continues to be an avatar for apathy in the White House. She is the human embodiment of phoning it in. In the aftermath of Tennessee’s tornadoes, the First Lady has said nothing. Like everyone else in the Trump administration, she is woefully out of touch with her constituents.

People were quick to call her out on social media for her indifference:

Melania issued a rare response after getting roasted on social media, tweeting:

Melania equating overseeing a private tennis court with “hard work” really set people off. But that’s what happens when you’re preternaturally out of touch with the people.

Melania’s tennis pavilion is one of those quintessentially Trumpian inventions: self-aggrandizing, tone deaf, and completely out of touch with America. It’s hard to think of a more apt metaphor for the Trumps than this one. Here’s hoping a different first family enjoys that court in 2021.

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