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The Glorious Possibilities of Whales in Robotic Suits, or “Mechawhales” [Video]

You can tell how great something is going to be based on how convoluted the backstory is that’s required to tell the story. Take, for instance, Mechawhales, an animated short from Hauke Scheer, which is set in a distant future where human polluting hubris nearly destroys life on Earth. Thankfully, mankind is saved by an alliance with telepathic whales, who help humans explore the galaxy and defend themselves against aggressive aliens. No, really.

Upon watching the video, my first thought was how toyetic the entire thing is — which is not surprising, since Scheer seems to have a particular interest in retro-styled action figure toys. However, the video stirred a nearly-lost memory of mine where I read a god-awful ’90s comic about a group of animals given telepathic powers and robotic suits to fight pollution. Or something like that. Hivemind, can you help me out?

(Hauke Scheer via io9)

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