McAlisters x Creamalicious

McAlister’s Deli Teams up With Creamalicious to Bring Sweet Tea Ice Cream April Fools Gag to Life!

A match made in ice cream heaven.
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During “trust no one on the Internet” day in 2021, McAlister’s Deli shared a new take on their Sweet Tea that received a mix of “please be real” and “no seriously, please, be real.” The post read, “Coming Soon to a McAlister’s near you: Sweet Tea Ice Cream,” but unlike some other companies on April 1st, they quickly stated that this wasn’t real, followed by, “but now that we think about it…”

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Now, a year later, they’ve apparently thought about it, because they’re now teaming up with the Black-owned ice cream brand, Creamalicious, to create Sweet Tea Ice Cream in time for National Iced Tea Day. Did I know this day was a thing? No. Do I want Sweet Tea Ice Cream? Yes.

What if Sweet Tea, but Ice Cream?

Sweet Tea Ice Cream
(Image: McAlister’s Deli/Creamalicious)

Unfortunately, I don’t live somewhere that has a McAlister’s Deli, but I have become very invested in Creamalicious after learning about their ice cream during Walmart’s “this is how you Juneteenth, right?” Black Twitter was quick to point out how their red velvet cheesecake bore a striking resemblance to Creamalicious’ “Right as Rain Red Velvet Cheesecake,” which led me down a rabbit hole of mouthwatering ice cream flavors I didn’t know existed.

From “Slap Yo’ Momma Banana Pudding” to “Porch Light Peach Cobbler,” Creamalicious is clearly coming for my heart (and stomach). “Creamalicious was born out of honoring traditional dessert recipes passed down for generations and churned to take people deep into the heart of the South where ice cream means connecting with loved ones over a spoonful of goodness,” said Creamalicious Owner and Executive Chef Liz Rogers. “McAlister’s Deli captures the essence of genuine hospitality, so we’re excited our Sweet Tea Ice Cream will be an extension of the authentic nature both brands embody.”  

McAlister’s Deli definitely knew who to go to when they decided to collaborate on making this new ice cream flavor. “We’re thrilled to put such a fun twist on our most iconic menu item and allow fans the opportunity to experience their favorite Sweet Tea in a new way,” said Courtney Bufford, Executive Chef at McAlister’s Deli. “With Creamalicious being known for transforming blissful Southern recipes into ice cream, we knew they were the perfect partner to collaborate on a unique confection out of our Famous Sweet Tea.”      

The ice cream, which is churned with natural Black Tea and has no artificial flavors or coloring, will have notes of Sugar Cookie and Lemon Swirl. Each pint will cost $7.99.

When and where will it be available?

Sweet Tea Ice Cream
(Image: McAlister’s Deli/Creamalicious)

The new Sweet Tea Ice Cream will be available beginning on Friday, June 10th, for a limited time. It’ll be available at McAlister’s Delis all across the nation. If you live in a state that doesn’t have McAlister’s Deli, fear not! The ice cream will also be available on the Creamalicious website!

(Featured image: McAlister’s Deli/Creamalicious)

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