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Congresswoman Maxine Waters Doesn’t Have Time for Subtlety When It Comes to Talking About Trump

"I wouldn't waste my time."



If you weren’t familiar with Congresswoman Maxine Waters before now, I envy you. You’re about to hear her speak for the first time, and that, I promise you, is a beautiful experience.

Waters is one of the dozens of Democratic lawmakers (66 so far, according to the Washington Post) who won’t be attending the inauguration. There was already a sizable group of protesters, but the number jumped last week when Trump decided to publicly disparage Rep. John Lewis, one of our country’s greatest and most respected living humans.

Waters, though, who represents California’s 43rd District, was in that original group that was never planning to attend. No way, no how.


Here, take 60 seconds to listen to Waters tell you why she wasn’t going to go. Was it because of his attack on Lewis or was it because of Congress’ briefing on Russian election tampering? NO, IT WAS ALL OF IT AND SO MUCH MORE. It’s because of pretty much everything he has ever said or done. It’s because of the basic fact that he is Donald Trump and that is not a person she is willing to celebrate in any way, large or small.

Let her beautiful bluntness wash over you.

“I don’t honor him. I don’t respect him. And I don’t want to be involved with him.” “I wouldn’t waste my time.” Maxine Waters has a life to lead and constituents to represent. She does not have time for subtlety.

Bonus case in point: following that briefing on Russian hacking mentioned above, it takes her six words to describe her full opinion of James Comey:

(via Rep. Waters on Twitter, image via screengrab)

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