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OK, So This Is… Odd. Matthew McConaughey to Star in Christopher Nolan’s Next Movie?

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Odd but good! For me, 2012 was the year of “Wow, Matthew McConaughey is a really good actor. I did not see that coming.” So I’m pleased to hear that he’s being considered for the lead in Christopher Nolan‘s sci-fi epic Interstellar, whereas a year ago I would have made this face.

Interstellar, coming out late next year, is based on the theories of physicist and relativity expert Kip Thorne, who posits that worm holes A) exist and B) can be used for time travel. It originally had Steven Spielberg as a director until he decided “Meh, I’d rather not,” after which it went to Nolan—likely an easy transition, as his brother and frequent collaborator Jonathan Nolan (The Prestige, Memento, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises) wrote the script.

So it’s about as far away from the stereotypical shirtless surfer dude Matthew McConaughey rom-com as you can get without venturing into experimental French film territory.

McConaughey has reportedly been offered (but not yet accepted) the lead role, a character about whom we know nothing except his name: Cooper. (Makes sense. This is a Christopher Nolan movie, after all. Dude’s more secretive than Batman.) The news comes courtesy of Deadline, and there’s no reliable source cited, so this is still firmly in the “rumor” category.

Still, I’ve gotta say I’d like it if McConaughey landed this role. I’m a sucker for interesting casting choices. Plus he was great in Magic Mike, where he went all-out playing a horrible, sleazy, hyper-exaggerated version of his own public image, and it was glorious. And then there’s Killer Joe, where he played a rogue cop/hired killer and it was freaking terrifying. I’ve heard good things about him in the upcoming Mud, too. And I love me some Christopher Nolan movies. So. I say bring it on.

Though I reserve the right to hysterically laugh/cry into my chips and salsa if McConaughey wins an Oscar for this role, leaving Leonardo DiCaprio standing in the wings looking like this. It won’t happen, because the Academy seems to have some sort of unholy grudge against Nolan. But imagine if it did.

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