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Real-Life Legolas Debunks Hollywood Techniques With Historically Accurate Master Archery

Your elf eyes won't see his arrow coming.


I call him a real-life Legolas, but as the “fastest archer alive,” Lars Andersen is reportedly capabale of firing three arrows in 0.6 second—which makes him faster than Legolas. In this video, he puts those hard-earned skills (which he polished while LARPing, of course) to use recreating the techniques he picked up from old manuscripts, while in the process debunking some of the classic Hollywood myths about archery.

Andersen’s biggest pet peeve in movies? The quiver that archer characters wear on their back. “I recently read about a girl who did Katniss Everdeen (from Hunger Games) cosplay. She’d had to glue the arrows to the inside of the quiver to make sure they didn’t bounce out when she ran around,” he said. “If that doesn’t tell us that the back quiver is silly, I don’t know what does.”

Anyone else want to see an action movie where Anderson, Hunger Games trainer Khatuna Lorig, and Russian quickshooter Iza Privezenceva all just take turns being badasses?

(via The College of Wizardry on Twitter)

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