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Fans Discovered Mass Effect Trilogy Same-Sex Romance Options Sadly Left on Cutting Room Floor


As we previously discussed back in January, Mass Effect: Andromeda is just straight packed with romantic options for your Ryder character to totally love. I think Maddy called them hotties in space … ?

Anyway. Apparently there were a bunch of even more romantic options in the original Mass Effect trilogy, some that never quite made the final cut. But by virtue of the way video games work, these options may not have been playable, but they were still in the game itself. Thanks to some handy digging on the part of some intrepid fans, those parts of the game were uncovered, revealing entirely voice-acted lines from both Kaidan and Ashley.

What’s more, those romantic options were mostly same-sex romances between Shepard and either of these characters. That being said, the BioWare blog post notes that there are a few points where the male Shep/Kaidan romance gets a little, uh … buggy.

1. EVERYONE will recognize you as WOMAN even Kaidan BUT your Male Shepard will still act and talk like a normal guy. And although Kaidan recognizes you as a woman (he calls you ma’am and woman every once in a while) your MShep DOESN’T use normal dialogues like he uses with other female chars. The gay romance dialogues are independent and unique.

2. When you go to the club to find someone which I can’t remember in Mass Effect, Harkin will hit on you and MShep will try to do a smexy pose (akward lolzz)

3. MShep will speak out with FShep voiceover for 3 sentences at 3 different points of the game. One at the beacon at eden prime, another when he told your squadmates to check if Saren was actually dead. The other one I can’t remember, you’ve gotta find out by yourself.

4. At the final romance cutscene when Kaidan and MShep agreed to ‘rectify’ their little misunderstandings in each other and decided to jump onto the bed together MShep will………………..go find out by yourself XD

5. Kaidan notes you as a ‘woman’ in the message he sent to you after Horizon in Mass Effect 2.

When it comes to Mass Effect 2, the deleted same-sex options focused on a relationship between Shepard and Thane or Tali. While the first game officially had the option to romance Liara, the sequel didn’t have any official same sex relationship option. Note, though, though Liara was coded as female, the Asari are all of a single gender, which one Asari in Mass Effect 3 is all too happy to explain to you, you “anthropocentric bag of dicks.”

And finally, BioWare comes full circle in Mass Effect 3 with fully official same sex options—for MaleShep at least, since Kaidan officially becomes bi. A relationship between Tali and FemShep still ended up being left behind on the cutting room floor, though.

NowLoading has a few more deleted scenes and features and things that didn’t quite make it into the final games. Here’s hoping, though, that Mass Effect: Andromeda just totally doubles down on the sexytimes for all, huh?

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