Artist Mashes Up Classic Album Covers With Star Wars, Stranger Things, and More

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A well-done mashup song can be incredibly satisfying. Now, thanks to artist Steven Lear, we get to see if that satisfaction extends to album covers, as Lear has mashed up some iconic album art with Star WarsStranger Things, Jeff Goldblum, and more. Oh, and you can totally buy all of these as T-shirts or printsYesss.

Standout amongst these impeccable covers is (you guessed it) the Goldblum cover featuring Goldblum’s face in place of Prince’s on his 1979 album, Prince.

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It’s a nice, simple cover, one that certainly evokes a lot of feels, and it seems to be a hit with Lear as there’s also a similar cover with Billy Dee Williams’ face instead of Prince or Goldblum’s. They’re each named Goldblum and Lando, respectively, and if we’re being honest with ourselves, if either of those folks changed their name to one-word names just like Prince, we’d still instantly recognize who we’re talking about, right?

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Another one is this sweet nod to Björk’s debut album, Debut. Instead of Björk, you’ll find Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia.

And, finally, one that seems to have drawn a bit of controversy in the TMS Slack:

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Okay, so. Listen. As some of you who have checked out our Editor Live Chats may already know, I am a proponent of abbreviating Star Wars‘ All Terrain Armored Transport as “Eh-Tee Eh-Tee” (basically say the letters). But my fellow editor and colleague Maddy Myers firmly believes in saying it as it’s spelled: “At-At.” This is, as it turns out, a debate that’s as old as such philosophical debate topics as the chicken or the egg, God’s taste for ultra-spicy foods, and who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman (spoiler: nobody).

Now, in order for the above album cover reference to work, one would have to pronounce the abbreviation Maddy’s way, as this is a reference to Massive Attack, which sounds similar to Massive “@ @”. I still firmly believe that despite this album cover and this artist’s interpretation of the abbreviation that it’s pronounced “Eh-Tee Eh-Tee.”

This is the hill I will die on, and that is okay with me.

As long as we all agree that it’s really weird for the book’s authors to spell out the droid names in the books. I mean really, who’s going to try to actually phonetically pronounce “R2-D2” or “BB8”?

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