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Answer the Call—Subscribe to The Mary Sue

Answer the Call—Subscribe to The Mary Sue


You may have noticed The Mary Sue looks different today! We couldn’t be more excited for the changes, but we need your help to make them as effective as possible.

Like the Gotham City PD’s finest members, we want to keep fighting the good fight our way, but we can’t do it without some help from you, our readers (who are actual Batman in this analogy). You don’t even need crime-fighting skills or billions of dollars—just $5 a month is enough to subscribe to The Mary Sue and support us as we blaze a trail of user-supported blogging. In return, subscribers get our unending gratitude as well as more tangible benefits like an ad-free site, live chats with our editors, and more!

The main benefit, however, is that the content you read here—many of you on a daily basis—will be more thoughtful, in-depth, and original. For The Mary Sue to be the best it can be, we need our loyal fans to subscribe. Your subscriber dollars will allow us to spend more time on the content that we think will interest our readers and subscribers instead of whatever we bet will get the most clicks from the Internet masses, and we’ll be able to pay all of our outside contributors who work so hard to write thought-provoking content.

Subscribers also get these exclusive bonuses:

  • A fully ad-free site!
  • Monthly live chats with the editors!
  • A daily newsletter offering insight into what we’re up to and a heads-up on what news stories we’re following!

The Mary Sue is not run or funded by a giant mega-corporation. We do this because we love it and because we know you love it, so please subscribe so we can keep doing what we want to do. (We’ll even refer to you as “Batman” from now on if you were particularly sold on that—your call.) Click below to subscribe!

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