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Han Solo Gets His Own Five-Issue Comic Story From Marvel

The limited series will be written by Monstress author Marjorie Liu and illustrated by Mark Brooks.


Oh, somebody up there likes me (or at least knows how to cater to my particular set of interests).

Our favorite smuggler, rogue and self-made hero is going to be the latest in a series of Star Wars characters to get his own comic book series! The five-issue comic book arc, which is scheduled to be released in June of this year, will follow Han Solo post-A New Hope and end just prior to The Empire Strikes Back.

According to series author Marjorie Liu, this series is going to follow “a Han Solo who doesn’t quite know who he is anymore” in the aftermath of the first Death Star’s destruction. Remember: this was a man who originally professed to be in it for the money before lending a hand in saving the Rebellion. He’s been changed by the event, Liu says. “He doesn’t want to believe that change, but he has.”

We’ve also got a glimpse at the plot of the story (or what can be revealed to us at this stage):

The story involves a starship race known as the Dragon Void Run. “Han’s been dreaming 
of entering this thing for his entire life,” Liu says. “He finally gets
 the chance, except there’s a catch: Leia thinks there are spies in the Rebellion, and she doesn’t dare send anyone else to retrieve these vital informants who are on various planets in the system.” As Han and Chewie start sheltering these Rebel contacts aboard the Millennium Falcon, the Corellian pilot fights the pull of his own ego’s tractor beam: If he ditches the mission, maybe he can actually win this thing.

Entertainment Weekly has the full interview with Liu about how she came to get this awesome assignment and how Han’s journey in The Force Awakens affected her writing process–as well as some news about a few the other characters we’ll get to see in the comic and a sneak peek of the art inside! Will you be reading the Marvel Han Solo comic?

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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