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Let’s Talk About the Wardrobe on This Week’s WandaVision

Randall Park's Jimmy Woo looks at Monica Rambeau's WandaVision wardrobe in confusion.

**Spoilers for this week’s WandaVision below.**

Being a comic fan and watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe is both delightful and, at times, frustrating, mainly because the heroes we see onscreen are sometimes not the same from the page. Whether it be in their adaptations or from something as simple as their looks, changing the right amount from comic to screen is a hard battle.

But what Marvel’s WandaVision did this week was give us a brief moment of sheer joy by showing us the costumes we know and love from the comic world of Wanda Maximoff and Vision! So let’s take a look at all the connections back to the page!

There is an excitement to seeing Wanda Maximoff in her original Scarlet Witch costume that cannot be overstated. Throughout the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, Wanda has been only sort of her full self. I say that because they basically only got to play with bits and pieces of the powerful hero we all know and love.

Part of that probably had to do with Fox technically owning the X-Men (which Wanda is a part of). And maybe part of it is that Marvel didn’t really see the importance of my baby girl yet, but with each new episode of WandaVision, it’s wonderful to see her grow into the character that so many love from the world of comics.

This week, we were gifted a little treat with both Wanda and Vision bringing out their original costumes in a “Halloween” episode.


Explained away as a Sokovian fortune teller and a Mexican Wrestler, the costumes are exactly what we know from the comics, and it’s actually really fun to see the show play around with the history of these characters and pay homage to them in this way.

More than that, Pietro even took the time out from this washed up Uncle Pete vibe to bring us the original Quicksilver look, too.


While Tommy’s costume isn’t from the comics and is just a smaller version of his uncle’s (because he does have super speed … which is why his superhero name is Speed), Billy’s look is very much in the same vein as Wiccan’s outfit from the comics.


Which is basically the homemade version of his costume. Honestly, I wish Wiccan wore a sweatband.

billy wandavision

Was this just a fun ode to the comics we know and love? Yes, absolutely. It’s not like Vision is going to have another reason to wear the bright green and yellow outfit again, and why would Wanda wear a leotard when she has that dope leather jacket? But it was fun to actually get to see the costumes make it to the main stage, in a way.

I love this episode for a lot of reasons but mainly because I did get to see a Wanda I had loved (but I love the MCU Wanda even more). And I can’t wait to see where we go next!

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