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Marvel Chris Round-Up: Chris Evans Visits Hospital As Cap With Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth Hosts SNL

A murder of crows, a chrisis of Chrises

We may be reaching Critical Marvel Chrises. The Age Of Ultron press tour looms near, with Jurassic World looming just beyond, and with these things come many muscular blonde men named Chris. In fact, we might have reached P.M.C. (Peak Marvel Chris) this weekend: Hemsworth hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time, and Chris Evans and Chris Pratt teamed up for the final stage of their everyone-wins Super Bowl bet with Evans dressing up like Captain America and making the rounds at Seattle Children’s Hospital. All the world requires for P.M.C. to be trumped at this juncture is for all of them to appear together in the same place at the same time, at which point the softcore bro levels on Tumblr will have reached critical mass. Behold:

*clutches heart*

Oh dear (star-)lord.


*blubbering noises*

Just, y’know, casually strollin’.

Semi-meanwhile/elsewhere, Chris Hemsworth was acquiring a Twitter:

(Meatball levels are high among the Marvel Chrises.)

And communing with chickens…  

And defeating Ultron a little ahead of schedule.

Also, he played Stark last night but I’d wager Taran Killam is flexing his impression muscles to one day become all the Marvel Chrises at once.

Godspeed, Taran.

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