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Mark Hamill and Sir Patrick Stewart Do a Truly Surreal Commercial. That’s It. That’s the Headline.

Sir Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill for UberEats

The battle between Star Wars and Star Trek just got a lot more interesting. By which we mean, of course,  that Mark Hamill and Sir Patrick Stewart are … squaring off against each other in a commercial? In a bizarre yet fun new ad for UberEats, the two megastars go back and forth on what they’re eating, and are fighting each other on several fronts, especially about how to say “tomatoes.”

The ad is simple: One tells us what he’s eating and the other responds. That’s all. But somehow, this has fast vaulted to become one of the most fascinating advertisements of our time. That’s because of the sheer surrealness of watching these science fiction luminaries square off about tomatoes.

The first has Mark Hamill starting to tell us about his veggie burger order with no tomatoes, and when Sir Patrick Stewart also orders some pasta with no tomatoes, the two decide to fight with a baseball bat and a cricket racket?

Then they did air hockey …

And Connect Four …

The commercials have an ingenious premise and an important underlying message: Mark Hamill and Sir Patrick Stewart are a safe distance away from each other (yay! they social distanced!) and they battle. That’s it. I hope this series continues on because it … kind of works. I now want to try UberEats and see if Sir Patrick Stewart or Mark Hamill will show up with my meal.

As with all things that baffle us, Twitter had fun watching Mark Hamill and Sir Patrick Stewart fight because, finally, the fandom wars over which star-based property is better has materialized into the stars (sorry) battling each other.

Is this how we’ll finally decide which property has the upper hand? Or will we fall in love with Mark Hamill and Sir Patrick Stewart hanging out so much that we’ll forget the petty battles and just embrace our love of both Star Wars and Star Trek? (And I guess UberEats?) That would be a perfect world and I’d gladly follow Mark Hamill and Sir Patrick Stewart into it. Can we get them a talk show or a buddy comedy while we’re at it?

(image: screengrabbed from UberEats)

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