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Mark Hamill Brings Out His Joker Voice-Acting Skills to Read Donald Trump’s Tweets

Mark Hamill has just kicked off the first of what he promises will be a series of audio recordings of himself reading Donald Trump’s tweets in-character as the Joker. As you all know, Mark Hamill has voiced the Joker many times, although this particular spin sounds most like his version in Batman: The Animated Series. As soon as I heard his recording here, I was instantly transported back to the joy I feel from watching that show. It’s both amazing and terrifying that Trump’s tweet sounds exactly like something that would be said by the super-villainous and gleefully manipulative Joker!

The idea started yesterday, when Matt Oswalt suggested the idea to Mark Hamill, who agreed that he would absolutely do the comedy bit as soon as he figured out how to tweet a sound clip. He has helpfully labeled his first performance with “The Trumpster quote #1,” signifying that there will be more tweets to come.

Mark Hamill has never made his dislike of Trump a secret. Back in November, shortly after the U.S. election, he did an interview at Polygon where he put it this way: “I feel like I have to bite my tongue somewhat, because as disgusted and repulsed as you are right now, half the country is thrilled and inspired. I mean, you’re either in one camp or another. There’s no middle ground with Trump. I’ve been a lifelong Democrat, and as someone who’s fascinated with the divide in this country right now, I’m just shocked that I was in the minority this time around.”

At the time, I was surprised that Hamill said he felt he should “bite his tongue” about the issue, and I wondered whether he felt that way because of Disney and Lucasfilm’s directive on trying to make sure that Star Wars movies still appeal to the percentage of the country that voted for Trump. For example, when the Rogue One screenwriters tweeted about how they saw their movie as having an anti-Trump and anti-fascist message, they ended up having to delete those tweets and apologize… in spite of the fact that Star Wars has always been a political series that makes commentary on past and present military situations. The original trilogy, for example, was deeply informed by George Lucas’ stance against the Vietnam War.

Given all of that, I’m glad that Mark Hamill has found his own independent way to express his dislike of the U.S. President-elect, through his other extremely famous role: the Joker! I’ll be looking forward to see which other tweets Hamill chooses to lampoon in the future.

(via The Verge, image via AV Club)

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