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Mario Kart in Real Life: Or, a Celebration of Mario Racing Geekery [Slideshow]

Bringing the world of Mario Kart to real life is nothing terribly new — seriously, how great is it to bring anything Mario into the real world — but Tomy has added a new wrinkle to this game. Now, you can race your remote controlled car and use power-ups against your competitors. Because striking down your foes with lightning wasn’t sweet enough. According to Kotaku:

How does it work? With sensors. Your controller has a small bar for power-ups; as you run over the relevant spot on the track, you’re randomly assigned one of them, just like a game. There’s bananas, green shells, mushrooms, stars and even lightning. When you activate them, the actual boost is performed, so a mushroom would make you go faster, or lightning would, when you touch another cart, make it spin off.

One word: Genius. However, we at Geekosystem thought it important to add some perspective and celebrate a long and glorious history of Mario Kart love. So, below you will find an homage to those gamers among you who have mushrooms for hearts.


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