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Mariah Carey Is “In Talks” To Play Commissioner Gordon in LEGO Batman (??!!)

Or possibly the Mayor of Gotham.


Today, I went from feeling neutral about the LEGO Batman movie — a planned LEGO Movie sequel starring Will Arnett’s Batman — to feeling both baffled and excited, because according to Deadline, Mariah Carey is in talks to play Commissioner Gordon. Another rumor going around the Twitterverse is that she might be playing the Mayor of Gotham instead. Either way: WHAT??? AAAAA!

First of all, a gender-swapped Commissioner Gordon would be rad (if it happens). Second of all, casting Mariah Carey??? Also rad! The bizarreness of it all is so gosh darn amazing, especially considering how by-the-books the previous casting announcements have been (e.g. Michael Cera as Robin — eh, fine).

I was pretty happy to hear Rosario Dawson would be playing Batgirl, admittedly, but I was a little worried she might end up being one of the only women in the movie — plus, I didn’t want to see her get sidelined by a Batman-focused narrative. Now, I feel a little more confident about the movie’s direction, because it sounds like it’s going to be super weird, and I like it.

How do you all feel? Do you want to hear the Comish bust out a gorgeous, octave-spanning ballad in LEGO Batman? Because I do. It turns out that I always wanted this. I just didn’t know that I wanted it until now.

(via Comic Book Resources and an email tipster, image via Tumblr)

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