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Mari0, Now He's a'Thinking With Portals! [Video]

So on one hand we have Mario, the genre defining side-scroller still revered today as a classic, on the other, Portal, the genre-defying FPS that gave the scene the shake-up it so desperately needed. What happens when you put them together, you ask? Well, you get Mari0 (that’s a zero). As you can see above, it’s a curious little project that attempts to bring the best of these two incredibly different worlds together, and seems to be doing a pretty good job. For the record, Mari0 is actually a real game that is in development. It’s not a mod, so it’ll run on its own engine and, even better, it’s going to be completely open source when it’s finished. Also: Simultaneous multiplayer. Excited? I bet, but hold your horses because there’s no telling when it’ll come out, but when it does, get ready to start Goomba stompin’ with portals.

(via reddit)

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