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March Is a Big Month for Carl Weathers’ Legacy

It's always great seeing Carl Weathers!

Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed and Carl Weathers as Greef Karga

Growing up, Carl Weathers was always around in my household. If it wasn’t because of the Rocky movies, it was because of Predator or Adam Sandler movies. The point is: Carl Weathers was important to so many people who grew up watching him. And while he’s not physically a part of the Rocky films anymore, his legacy in the franchise still carries on.

What’s great is that now, in March 2023, we have not one but two properties connected to Weathers that are coming out. And yes, sure, the Creed movies are a bit different than The Mandalorian. But still, it’s a big month for fans of Carl Weathers in general. Which is a good thing!

More Carl Weathers is always fun and exciting. So let’s take a look at what March is bringing to us for Weathers and his legacy!

The Creed franchise

Technically, Carl Weathers’ likeness is in the Creed movies. But he, himself, is not in them—and for good reason. Apollo Creed (Weathers’ role in the Rocky movies) died in Rocky IV during a match against Ivan Drogo (Dolph Lundgren). This event was a driving force for Rocky, because he never stopped the fight against Drogo in time to save Apollo.

In the Creed movies, we follow along with Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) as he comes to terms with the legacy that his father left behind. Adonis is the son of Apollo Creed from an affair, and he didn’t come to boxing or his legacy easily. But as we’ve watched him grow through the first two movies, it’s clear that he understands what the Creed name means.

Creed III is now heading into theaters, and it is an important look into Weathers’ legacy as an actor. While Weathers is a part of many iconic franchises, his role as Apollo Creed is the one that has stayed in the minds of many. Including fans who love watching him in things like The Mandalorian now.

The return of Greef Karga

March kicked off with the peremiere of The Mandalorian season 3. Weathers has been in the series since season 1 as Greef Karga, Din Djarin’s former employer from his bounty hunting days. Now, Karga is the High Magistrate in Nevarro, and the two are friends. Karga’s grown so much as a character throughout the years, and Nevarro is thriving under his watch.

In Chapter 17 “The Apostate,” Din goes back to Nevarro to ask Karga about taking what is left of the IG-11 droid, in order to get him fixed. Karga talks to Din like the old friend that he is. Seeing the growth in their relationship has been beautiful. Just watching Weathers shine, in general, is a gift to us all!

It makes the fact that not one, but two of Weathers’ characters are having a big March feel that much more special.


It’s always great seeing Carl Weathers! And now, we can remind ourselves all about his iconic roles this month!

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