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Tonight is Manhattanhenge! Non-New Yorkers Should Probably Follow Some New Yorkers on Instagram

It happens twice a year, and tonight is one of those times. The Sun will set in alignment with the streets of New York.


Tonight, as the Sun sets over New York City, it will actually be setting in perfect alignment with the streets in what Neil deGrasse Tyson calls Manhattanhenge. Throughout the year the Sun moves along the horizon, heading North until the first day of Summer, and then heading South until the Winter. It only happens twice a year, and tonight is your last change before July 12th. Here’s where to look.

Any East-West running street should provide you a decent view, but Tyson recommends 14th, 23rd, 34th. 42nd, and 57th streets, and getting yourself as far East as possible. The views on 34th and 42nd are accented by the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building respectively. This is the kind of thing you should really take Neil deGrasse Tyson’s word on.

The time to watch the event is 8:15 PM EDT. Get out there on the streets and look at something beautiful, people. I live in New Jersey, but I’ll be sticking around the city a little late tonight. I’ve known about Manhattanhenge since Tyson first tweeted about it a few years ago, but I’ve never had a chance to see it, and I’m jealous.

If you’re not in New York, just follow some New Yorkers on Twitter and Instagram tonight. You should already be following Tyson @neiltyson, and I’ll get some pics up on @Geekosystem and my personal account @glentickle. Social media sites will almost certainly be flooded with pictures.

(via American Museum of Natural History, image via Tim Burke)

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